The Department of Accounting, in affiliation to the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics of Tishk International University, organized a Seminar on December 6, 2018, in which, Dr. Samer H. Alssabagh, Faculty Representative at IURC committee, presented several issues related to “Tishk International University Research Center – IURC”.

 The Members of the Faculty were present, and they actively participated in the Academic / Topical discussion.

 The presentation covered the issues related to Research Center’s mission, objectives, and procedures, international cooperation, Kurdistan National Research Council (KNRC), Tishk International E-prints and so on

 The main focus of the seminar was on the Database of research center and the related procedures in order to guide the academic staff and provide them with the necessary related instructions.

 The question session went on well between the Presenter Dr. Samer H. Alssabagh and the attendees after the presentation.