On August 5th, 2019, a group of eight students from the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy of TIU successfully completed their internships at the United Nations Regional Office in Erbil. To acknowledge the students’ efforts a ceremony was organised by the named office in which Mr Ricardo Rodriguez (Head of Office) awarded the students with certificates of recognition.

Among those present were Dr Hawraman Ali (Department of International Relations and Diplomacy of TIU), Mr Karwan Talaat (Internship Coordinator, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics), as well a number of other UN staff, officers and trainers. Noting the challenges and opportunities in today’s world, Mr Rodriguez wished the students a very successful and bright future. This was while Dr Hawraman thanked the UN and their staff for having given this invaluable opportunity to our students and expressed the desire of the relevant department of TIU for continued collaboration with the UN in Erbil in a manner beneficial to both sides and the local community.

The Department of International Relations and Diplomacy strives to ensure the best outcome for our students, and to assure that they gain practical experiences to boost their chances of success in their chosen field.