8th Annual Clean and Love Kurdistan Campaign

On April 29th, and 30th, 2024, the Business and Management Department, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Tishk International University (TIU) arranged the 8th Annual Clean and Love Kurdistan Campaign, in collaboration with esteemed partners including the Ministry of Municipality, Directorate of Environment of Erbil and NassWallet. This initiative aimed to champion a pristine and sustainable environment by rallying students to actively engage in cleaning public spaces.

The event drew a remarkable turnout, with over 100 students excitedly participating in the cleanup effort along Kasnazan Road from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Faculty members also joined the event, including Vice-Dean Mr. Karwan Sherwani, Head of Business & Management Department Mr. Fayeq Ali Ali, Head of the Faculty of Social Affairs Dr. Hamdi Serin, along with research assistants and enthusiastic students.

The campaign unfolded across three key segments:

  • Environmental Cleanup: Students enthusiastically worked to clean up the area, picking up more than 100 bags of different kinds of trash like plastic, glass, and empty drink containers. They did this at DLOPA in Kasnazan, which was a meaningful place for them to learn about taking care of the environment. Engaging in the cleanup allowed students to witness firsthand the extent of environmental degradation caused by litter and pollution. By actively participating in the cleanup efforts and observing the transformation of these areas as they were cleared of litter, students gained a deeper gratitude for the importance of preserving and protecting their environment.
  • Moreover, the cleanup experience fostered a sense of personal responsibility and ownership among the students. As they worked together to collect over 100 bags of trash, they realized the direct impact that their actions could have on improving the health and cleanliness of their surroundings. This sense of agency empowered them to take proactive steps towards environmental conservation in their own lives, whether it be reducing their own waste, advocating for sustainable practices, or participating in future cleanup initiatives. Such practices may grab others attention and encourage them to be responsible on their environment as well to become a habit in the society, and help keeping the environment clean.
  • Tree Planting: The campaign encouraged everyone to join in planting trees to make Kurdistan greener. They emphasized the importance of trees in creating a healthier environment. In Erbil city, over 100 young trees were carefully planted in one of the lush parks. This not only helped to make the city more beautiful but also provided a habitat for birds and other wildlife. Additionally, it brought students together, fostering a sense of teamwork and cooperation among them as they worked towards a common goal of improving their environment. the planting site in one of Erbil city’s parks was carefully selected based on factors such as soil quality, sunlight exposure, and available space, in addition to lack of large green spaces and trees in the selected site. The chosen site offered an ideal environment for the trees to thrive and contribute to the beautification of the park.
  • Seminar and Appreciation Ceremony: It was a special moment for everyone involved, as they came together to mark the end of their hard work. The participants, who had shown dedication and commitment, were praised, and thanked for their efforts. Each student was presented with a certificate, that made students feel in a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that their hard work had been officially recognized and appreciated, and symbolizing their important role in making Kurdistan a cleaner and more sustainable place for tomorrow. By providing tangible recognition in the form of certificates, the ceremony not only celebrated past achievements but also motivated students to be active agents of change in their ongoing efforts to protect and preserve the environment.

Following this, the Business & Management Department, along with its respected supporters, is prepared to continue promoting environmental consciousness and sustainability. The event demonstrated the effectiveness of united efforts in making real differences, instilling optimism for a future prioritizing environmental protection. As the impact of this initiative continues to be felt, it highlights the strength of community and the limitless possibilities of working together.