The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics successfully completed the 5th National Business and Administrative Sciences Student Conference on June 22nd, 2021.

The conference started at 10:00 AM with a welcome speech by Mr. Karwan Talaat, the Research Assistant of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics as the Conference Moderator.

Dr. Abdul Samad, President of Tishk International University also delivered a speech in which he highlighted the importance of the conference and how it contributes to enhancing the understanding and knowledge among the students.

Dr. Fatih Cura, Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, explained the significance of research to undergraduate, final year students and provided his best wishes to all participants of the conference. He emphasized the impact of the conference on the development of the country and the improvement of student’s academic careers.

Mr. Karwan Sherwani, Head of Business and Management Department and Chair of the conference addressed the audience about NBASSC 2021 and expressed his pleasure in conducting the 5th National Business and Administrative Sciences Student Conference successfully with the support of the lecturers, members of the organizing committee, keynote speakers, technical team, and sponsors of the conference in exhibiting the talent of students in this platform.

Dr. Engineer Adam Sulich is an Assistant Professor at Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (Wroclaw/Poland). His research, titled “Green Jobs and Statistical Methods in Management” covered a wide range of issues on green jobs and green management in business practice. Adam Sulich uses statistical methods in his research, supported by programming in R language. The keynote session was chaired by Dr. Navulur Krishna Surarchith.

Mr. Paweł Ernst, Director of Strategy Department in KGHM Polska Miedź, and Vice-President of KGHM Foundation and Polish Copper Employers’ Union (Warsaw, Poland), graduated from Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Faculty of International Relations, and is currently pursuing a Political Science and MBA Degree. His scientific research revolves around Middle

Eastern studies. He presented his views on “Global trends in strategies of mining companies based on the copper mining industry”. The keynote session was chaired by Mr. Fayeq Ali.

Fourteen research abstracts were received in total from fourth-stage students from different departments in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. The research work presented focused on all the main areas of business and management, economics, accounting, and international relations and diplomacy. Following the opening ceremony, the authors presented their work in three parallel sessions which were conducted from 12:30 PM to 14:00 PM.

To wrap up the event, Mr. Karwan Sherwani thanked the dean, co-chair, scientific secretary, organizing committee members, moderators, participants, audience, main speakers, and sponsors and appreciated their effort in making the event successful. Certificates were distributed to all participants, session chairs, keynote speakers, and organizing committee members. The conference concluded with the welcoming caption of NBASSC 2022.