On Wednesday, February 27th, 2019, first year students from the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy of TIU visited the Kurdistan Region Government Parliament. The visit was led by Dr Hawraman Ali, one of the Department’s lecturers, and Ms Jikar Najmaldin.

The purposes of the trip were for the students to see the inner workings of the Parliament, to acquire practical knowledge of how politics is conducted within the Parliament, and also how the Parliament deals with external actors.

To achieve the above, the students had the opportunity to meet with a number of the Parliament’s leading protocol staff, in which, in the talk that followed, the staff’s functions, responsibilities and challenges were explained.   

The students then observed the Legislative Chamber, with guidance provided on the layouts of the Chamber. This was followed by a visit to the library of the Parliament and a tour of the other parts of the building.  

The stated department of TIU intends to continue to build close relations with the various organisations and institutes in the Kurdistan Region, and beyond, in order to provide a better learning environment for its students and to ensure that the students are exposed to practical aspects of their chosen field of study.