On January 22rd, 2019 the Heads of the Departments of Business, and International Relations and Diplomacy (Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics—FASE) of Tishk International University visited Koya and Raparin universities.

The Tishk delegation consisted of Mr Karwan Sherwani of the Business Department and Dr Dilshad Hamad of the International Relations and Diplomacy. The TIU academics were warmly welcomed by the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Koya University as well as the head of the university’s external relations. This is while they also met the Dean of the Faculty of the Social Sciences of Raparin University in their visit to that university.

The Tishk delegation emphasised the primary aim of these visits which are to promote academic collaboration between the universities in the Kurdistan Region. To that end, academics and students of both universities were invited to our forthcoming conferences, which are the 2nd International Conference on Accounting, Business, Economics and Politics, and the 4th International Business and Administrative Sciences Students Conference. These conferences will be held in April and May of 2019, respectively.

Lastly, all sides were pleased that Tishk International University—FASE was working towards promoting academic partnership in Kurdistan, and all sides stressed the need for this.