Dr. Fatih Cura the dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, TIU, Erbil presented the agenda of Warsaw visit with Prof. Dr. Wawrzyniec Konarski the rector of Vistula University, Warsaw with the current activities of TIU. Dr. Uma Shankar shared the ongoing collaborations with the University of Szczecin, Poland with his postdoctoral research activity.  ICABEP 2019 became the most exciting and attracting activity for the rector. He appreciated the approach of Dr. Fatih for visiting universities and sharing the achievements of TIU and opportunities with support Kurdistan has for the world. Prof. Dr. Konarski showed his interest to visit TIU and shared his work published on Kurdish diaspora. Further the discussion continued with Mr. Albert Sarli, Chief Operating Officer of Vistula University, where he assured for all cooperation with the FASE for exchange of students and faculties for getting broader and deeper experiences. Dr. Fatih committed for the mutual collaborations and all the dedication from FASE for the development of academic learning.