On May 8th, 2024, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics (FASE) at Tishk International University held a ceremony to congratulate the top 3 students from each grade, department, and the faculty. The ceremony aimed to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of these exceptional students and to recognize their outstanding academic achievements.
The ceremony was attended by the university president, faculty members, staff, and students. The event commenced with a speech by the University President, Prof. Dr. Sultan T. Abu-Orabi, who expressed his pride in the academic achievements of the top students and highlighted the importance of Business Accounting, Finance, and International Relations.
Certificates of achievement were presented to the top 3 students from each grade of all departments. These certificates were handed over by their respective heads of departments: Mr. Fayeq Ali, Head of Business and Management Department; Dr. Ghousia Khatoon, Head of Accounting, Banking and Finance Department; and Dr. Mohammed Salih Mustafa, Head of International Relations and Diplomacy Department.
Additionally, certificates of achievement and awards were presented to the top 3 students from each department. These were handed over by Mr. Karwan Sherwani, Vice Dean of FASE, and Prof. Dr. Sultan, the President of the University, presented awards to the top 3 students of the faculty.
The ceremony also introduced the FASE Citizenship Award, recognizing exceptional academic performance and support for faculty social activities throughout the year. Dr. Hamdi Serin, Head of FASE Social Activities, presented the award to Halez Ali.
The event underscored the university’s commitment to academic excellence and showcased the dedication and hard work of the students and staff. Congratulations to all the top students, and may they continue to succeed and make a positive impact in their future endeavors.