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Table Tennis Final


Table Tennis Final After many matches, the table tennis tournament of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics has reached its final stage. The last two standing competitors are Aidy Atheer and Mohammed Sarbaz. They will be playing their final match on Wednesday, the 23rd of November 2022, the first Wednesday after midterms, so it is a good way for the students to relax after the examination period. All the students who would like to watch the final game are welcome to join us. It will take place on the 4th floor at Tishk International University at 12:50 PM. Our two competitors have been [...]

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Table Tennis Semi-Finals Standing


Table Tennis Semi-Finals Standing In the table tennis tournament of our Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Tishk International University, we have reached the semi-final stage. Our students have brought on an amazing performance and showed outstanding sportsmanship. Our current standings for the Semi-Finals are: Barz Nawzad vs Mohammed Sarbaz                 & Barzan Wali vs Aidy Atheer All the games take place at 12:50 PM on the fourth floor and everyone is welcome to come and watch the game. The first game is on the 9th of November between Barz and Mohammed and the second game will take place on [...]

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Table Tennis Match Announcements


Table Tennis Match Announcements The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics announces the first table tennis tournament of the semester. After the registration period, the names were collected and selected randomly on the 30th of October, 2022, and the tournament's first game will take place on the 31st of October. 16 players registered for the tournament, and the first round of games will be as follows:  Barz Nawzad (Accounting) Vs. Yousif Abdulmumin (Accounting)  Aidy Atheer (Accounting) Vs. Mohammed Sarhid (Accounting)  Ahmed Shafek (Business) Vs. Hemin Muhammed (Accounting)  Rawezh Khasro (Banking) Vs. Bawar Sabir (Accounting)  Nechirwan Farhad (IRD) Vs. Salih Khasro [...]

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