The Conference traditionally takes place every year with an aim to provide a platform to students in sharing their research thoughts to other researchers in their chosen fields.  This year it was 4th International Business Administrative Sciences Students’ Conference was held at Tishk International University at Erbil branch on May 2nd, 2019. 

The conference commenced at 10 a.m in the morning with the introductory remarks by Mr Karwan Talaat, the research assistant of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics. 

Dr. Idris Hadi, President and Head of Board Trustees gave speech on the importance of conference in enhancing the knowledge among the students and progress made by Tishk International University during this academic year.

Dr. Fatih Cura, Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics explained the significance of research to under-graduate final year students and provided his best wishes to all participants of the conference. He emphasized on impact of conference on the development of the country and improvement of student’s academic career.

Mr. Karwan Sherwani, Chair of IBASSC and Head of Business & Management spoke on the importance of the conference in enhancing the knowledge among the students through research and thanked all the organizers of the conference in making the event successful. 

Dr. Heja Sindi, Deputy Dean of the University of Kurdistan, Hewler was the Keynote speaker and gave presentation on Issues in Business Management & Administration, current trends in research, need to think globally and act locally, responsibility of lecturers in providing value based education and need of exchange of ideas among universities. The keynote session was chaired by Mr. Navulur Krishna Surarchith, Co-chair of IBASSC.

Assistant Professor. Dr. Satya Subrahmanyam has moderated the conference with the capacity as Scientific Secretary of IBASSC.  A total of 23 research papers were received.  Out of which 8 research papers were sent by the participants from England, Germany, Poland and India and 15 papers were from the Kurdistan Region.  Authors presented their research work touched upon all the main areas of business and management, economics, accounting and international relations and diplomacy.  Mr. Karwan Sherwani thanked the dean, co-chair, scientific secretary, organizing committee members, student volunteers and participants in making the event successful. The conference was concluded at 4.30 pm with the welcoming caption of IBASSC 2020.