Tishk International University, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics would like to employ academicians in the following specialities:

Economics Major Study fields

Management and Organizations Major Study Fields


Statistics and Quantitative Major Study Fields

Note: Lecturer Applicants should hold a postgraduate qualification (preferably at the doctoral level, or at least master degree and has obtained his academic title in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of KRG) in a relevant subject show evidence of research activity and have previous experience of program design and leadership in Higher Education.

Research Assistants in the following specialties;

Business and management Major Study Fields

Accounting Major Study Fields

Finance Major Study Fields

International Relations and Diplomacy Major Study Fields

Note: Research Assistants should hold Bachelor Degree (Preferably Master Degree) in relevant subjects, they should be eager to do research, willing to meet challenges, assist the lecturers all the ways possible to educate students.

for contact send your CV to following emails;
[email protected]
[email protected]