Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics/Business & Management Department organized an excursion to Korek Mountain for the faculty students. Dr. Osman Sahin, Head of Social Activity, Dr. Hamdi Serin, Mathematic & Statistic Lecturer, and Dr. Waqar Ahmed, Economic Lecturer, joined the trip to enjoy nature as part of this extra-curricular activity.

FASE designed the excursion as part of the parcel of the life of students. The participants felt happy and were relaxed while enjoying pleasant entertainment, after studying hard for many days.

Korek Mountain resort is a tourist site located near the city of Rawanduz; situated in a mountain with a height of 2100 meters above sea level, located in Erbil Provide of Iraqi Kurdistan, and approximately 50 kilometers away from the Iranian Border.

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics initially launched the faculty with the Department of Business and Management amid the establishment of Tishk International University in 2008. Three additional departments were formed in 2014-2015: Accounting Department, Banking and Finance Department, and the International Relations and Diplomacy Department. Currently, our Faculty is ranked as the most attractive and demanded faculty at the University, comprising the highest number of students, which is accredited to how efficiently our students are equipped with the highest standards of knowledge, soft and hard employability skills, required to fill the market gap and prepare the best graduates, an essential element for nation development and prosperity.