FASE Staff Successfully Completed Staff Exchange

Mr. Fayeq Ali Ali Assistant Lecturer at the Business and Management Department, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics successfully completed the staff exchange program between the University of Szczecin, Poland, and Tishk International University. Mr. Fayeq Ali was welcomed by Prof. Dr. Hab. Inz. Kesra Nermend, Directorate of the Institute of Management at the University of Szczecin. He participated in concentrated programs such as Analytical Behavior Software training, and ELO for the digital office, and discussed the curricula development for business courses related to competency-based learning, course calculation, assessments, and materials.

He also held meetings with academics in the field of entrepreneurship to collaborate on research projects within the entrepreneurship ecosystem understanding, socioeconomic differences, and behavioral aspects in both Kurdistan and Poland contexts. Mr. Fayeq Ali further had the opportunity to meet with the Vice President, Dr. Hab. Kinga Flaga-Gieruszyńska to discuss the upcoming ICABEP-2022 conference arrangements.

Mgr. Joanna Misiukajtis, Head of IRO also met with Mr. Fayeq, to discuss how to strengthen the MoU for the exchange programs, research projects, and joint master program requirements.

The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics was initially launched with the Department of Business and Management amid the establishment of Tishk International University in 2008. Three additional departments were formed in 2014-2015: Accounting Department, Banking and Finance Department, and the International Relations and Diplomacy Department.

Currently, our faculty is ranked as the most demanded faculty of the university, comprising the highest number of students. This is highly accredited to how efficiently our students are equipped, with the highest standards of knowledge, and soft and hard employability skills required to fill the market gap and prepare the best graduates, an essential element for national development and prosperity.