Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics organized an election on 5th of November 2017 for selecting the Faculty, Departmental and Class representatives. The faculty has around 450 students from four different departments Students selected their class representative and after that class representative of each department selected their departmental representative, then departmental representative selected the faculty representative.


Mr. Lawand Omer form Business and Management department became the Faculty representative.

Mr. Hazhar Peshawa become the departmental representative of Business and Management.

Ms. Dalya Nawzad become departmental representative of Banking and Finance.

Mr. Bzava Hewa become departmental representative of International Relations and Diplomacy.

And Mr. Gran Sirwan become the departmental representative of Accounting.

After the election and knowing the Classes, Departmental and Faculty representatives, dean of faculty Mr. Fatih Cura, Head of Social Activities Mr. Osmnan Shahin and Mr. Sarhang Osman form Dean of student office had a congratulations meeting with them and they explained about representatives’ duties and encouraged them to do their best in all aspect of social activities beside their class and learning responsibilities.