Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics organized an election for selecting the Faculty and Class representatives for each departments. Faculty has around 450 students, 70 percent of the students voted on the election. There were three competitors for Faculty representative position namely; Fayeq Ali from 4th grade, Lawan Mehdi from 3rd grade, Ahmed Aziz in 2nd grade.

By the end of the election process the Results were as follows:  FAYAQ ALI: 130 votes, LAWAN MAHDI: 89 votes and AHMED AZIZ: 50 votes. 7 votes were canceled due to improper casting.

FAYAQ ALI won the election with receiving the majority of the votes, he is officially Faculty Representative for 2015 – 2016 new Academic year. In the name of all faculty we congratulate him and we wish success for his position. Results of the Class Representatives also attach.

Department Name Class
Business and Management Fayaq Ali 4 A
Business and Management Arseen Aras 4 B
Business and Management Hedi Mustafa 3 A
Business and Management Omer Shoro 3 B
Business and Management Muhammad Talat 2A
Business and Management Lawand Omer 2B
Banking and Finance Kamaran Saadadin 2 A
Accounting Ahmed Azeez 2 A
International Relationships Darya Nawzad 2 A