Dr. Osman Sahin lecturer of marketing in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Business and Management department presented a seminar on the “Measuring Social Media and Advertising Effects on Brand Image of Tishk University.

Dr. Osman Sahin mentioned the current research measures issues related to the brand image of Tishk University to persuade students regarding university selection their higher education and formation sources of that image.

Dr. Sahin said that the role of advertising and social media is hypothesized that they are important in the brand image building process. Measuring the social media and advertising effects on brand image of Tishk University for the selection of higher education by students, since brand image plays an important role in other sectors, so the education sector also needs to grow with other sectors exploring this dimension as brand image that can make the universities more powerful with recognition and strengthen the ability to serve more students.

The question session went on well between the Presenter Dr. Osman Sahin and the attendees after the presentation.