Dr. Fatih Cura, dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, participated as a panelist speaker in Business Canvas Conference at the Erbil Rotana on Thursday, May 27th, 2021.

Dr. Fatih emphasized the crucial role of education in creating more opportunities for the youths and how this can be achieved. Moreover, he shared the effort of the Tishk International University’s commitment towards its vision and mission of implementing the best possible practices and strategies of achieving a better future for students as being self-employed and having the right employability competencies for the market, and for that TIU is having a strong relationship with the national and international companies not only for being a partnership for the internship but also for the curriculum developments based on market need. He also talked about the paradigm shift of the new generation mindset in all sectors and acceptance of those new ideas and developments by others but should be based on the cultural values and norms of the community so that the improvement could be in the service of all regardless of their background for creating a healthier environment of job creation, opportunities, and competition.

The event focused on challenges and opportunities in employment and entrepreneurship with expert panellists from Siemens Iraq, HKN Energy, American University of Iraq – Sulaimani, Zain Iraq, Lebanese French University, Tishik International University and Brsima and BazaryOnline. During his opening remarks, U.S. Consul General Rob Waller affirmed the United States’ support to initiatives like the conference, which contribute to developing a robust private sector.

The event also offered the opportunity for participants in the Business Accelerator Program to showcase their products and services and job seekers and members of the business community had networking opportunities.

Business Canvas Conference successfully brought together over 170 delegates to promote entrepreneurship and highlight the work of Top Mountain’s USAID-funded Business Accelerator program.