Employee Attrition in Indian Information Technology Industry – A Comparative Study.

The Department Business and Management, in affiliation to the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics of Tishk International University, organized “An Empirical Study” in which Dr Bhaskar Nalla, Asst Professor, participated and presented the Seminar paper entitled “Employee Attrition in Indian Information Technology Industry – A Comparative Study ‘.


The Members of the Faculty staffs were present, and they actively participated in the Academic / Topical discussion.


Dr Bhaskar Nalla introduced the topic and elaborated the clear picture of his study. The study reveals that the IT sector has been one of the largest employment providers and the sound contributors to the growth of GDP. As a result, it has very much been felt that there will be a definite need for the effective management of human resource.

Hence, the Employee Attrition is said to be a serious factor towards which all the IT firms must address and redress the issues in order to reduce the attrition rate.


The results overall reveal that there are significant differences in the category- wise perception of the respondents of 6 select IT Companies.


Quality of work-life is stressed as another key component in the reduction of Employee attrition. The field survey results clearly indicate that inadequate use of the talent, work-life balance issues, job-insecurity, lack of promotional opportunities, lack of training and development have shown as key factors for employee turnover intention.


The question session went on well between the Presenter (Prof Nalla and the Presentees after the presentation.