Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, in collaboration with Indian Consulate, Erbil, organized the International seminar on celebration of 150th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi Stated by Mr. Chandra Mouli K Kern and Mr. Satya Veer Singh, Consul (Political/ITEC/Education) & Head of Chancery.

His Excellency, the Consul General of India, Mr. Chandra Mouli K Kern and Mr. Satya Veer Singh were cordially received by the President and Head of Board of Trustees, Dr. Idris Hadi, Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir the Vice President of Academic affairs, Dr. Fatih Cura, the   Dean of Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics, and the members of faculty.

Our Faculty Members and Students very enthusiastically participated in the Seminar

The seminar commenced with an introductory speech made by Dr. Fatih Cura, who laid emphasis on the importance and significance of the memorable event. Mr. Chandra Mouli K Kern addressed the gathering elaborated the memorable, meaningful and popular Gandhian philosophy of life alluding his activities, great principles in life which had a tremendous impact spread over the whole world.

Besides, the Consulate General displayed a melodious video of two Kurdish ladIes (popular singers) singing a song in adoration of Gandhi. Mr. Chandra Mouli K Kern explained briefly the importance of Yoga by emphasizing the need of Yoga in day-to-day lives of people for sound body and mind. A Few questions from the audience were answered by the Consul General during the session.

Dr. Fatih Cura concluded the program thanking all the participants for making the event a good success. Further, the Consulate General interacted informally with all the new Indian Faculty members joined anew in Tishk International University during tea-break.

Tishk International University appreciates the Consulate General of India and the studious Team members for gracing today’s event.