Dr. Fatih CURA, Dean and Mr Karwan T. Rashid, Senior Assistant & Conference Coordinator in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics participated at the International Conference on Social Sciences Economics and Finance, 5th ICSSEF (August 9-10, 2019) in Montreal, CANADA.

There are many scholars and researchers all around the world (USA, France, Morocco, India, etc.) who presented their papers and received fruitful feedback for their ongoing research.

Dr Fatih Cura orally presented the paper titled” Impact of Human Resource Accounting Practices on Support of Top Management in the Educational Institutions-Evidence from A Private University in Kurdistan Region of Iraq”.

Mr Karwan Talaat orally presented the paper titled “The Relationship Between Organizational Culture and Organizational Performance: A case of private Organizations of Kurdistan In Erbil”.

Both papers have been selected best papers presented in their related sessions. There were many scholars who were attending the conference and shared their findings in their related research areas.