A policy Approach of Supporting SMEs for Unemployment Reduction 

Student Name: Zhina Twana Ahmed 

SMEs are considered to be the backbone of the economy in many countries around the world; it plays a major role in decreasing the unemployment rate due to the job opportunities it creates and reducing exports, therefore boosting the economy. The Kurdistan Region of Iraq as a developing region in the area needs a boost of the economy and a way to achieve that is by developing the SMEs sector in the region. Developing SMEs can be achieved through effective support policies that motivate and support those wanting to start a business in order to increase the number of SMEs. In this study, the aim is to find out the impact of existing policies and if they are enough to develop the sector in a way that can impact the economy. The researcher analyzed the policies critically in order to understand the effectiveness of the policies as well as finding the policies that can potentially impact the growth of SMEs greatly. the research is a mixed-method that includes primary data which are analyzed in both qualitative and quantitative analysis. the findings of the research are analyzed and well presented by the researcher and a list of recommendations is presented after analyzing and understanding the research gap.