The Effect of Administrative Leadership on Employee Behavior: Falcon Group Case   

Student Name: Aya Abdullah Majid 

Investigators from all over the world have conducted a variety of research on the teaching of management leadership in relation to employee behavior. On the other hand, the current research examines the relationship between administrative leadership in relation to employee behavior, but in Erbil, Falcon Company due to lack of research in the place where the study is focused. Besides, the participants of the Falcon Company in Erbil filled out a questionnaire. In this way, the method of this study is quantitative and correlates with the primary data. A sample of 100 Falcon employees was employed to approximate the sample size. Continuously, the study is limited to statistical analysis (100) only, and this is the reason for the incompleteness of the respondents’ testimonies. The collected data were also analyzed using SPSS version 26. The researcher used the Pearson correlation to determine the relationship between administrative leadership and employee behavior. The results indicate that there is a positive relationship between democratic leadership and employee behavior. Since the Pearson correlation is R = 1.000, which is close to (+1), it is a positive correlation with a significance of 0.000, which is less than 0.01.