Hybrid International Workshop on Trends and Challenges in Sales Management

Tishk International University Faculty of Administrative Sciences and EconomicsBusiness and Management Department organized a workshop on Hybrid International Workshop on Trends and Challenges in Sales Management, January 27th, 2022, at the Faculty of Education, Hall 302.

The objectives of the program were to discuss the latest trends of Sales Management during Covid-19, specifically in the Automotive Industry. During Covid-19, many organizations faced difficulties having face-to-face interaction with their customers and found alternatives to stay connected and retain their customers.

Dr. Fatih Cura Vice President for the Administration & Financial Affairs, Mr. Karwan H. Sherwani, Acting Dean, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics academicians, lecturers, and students attended the workshop.

There was an intriguing discussion between the students, the presenters, and several other participants.

The workshop presenters with their affiliations are listed as follows:

 1. Mr. Enzo Graziano, Sales Management Expert, Italy

The Future of Sales After COVID-19

2. Dr. Zaid Al-Shareef, Brand Manager CHANGAN Car company, Erbil

The trends of Sales Management in Automotive Industry

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